Homage to George Takei

In the The Hyperscape Project – Book One, I wrote a homage to George Takei. Here’s the fun little excerpt from the book.

Vibrations rumbled at their feet as dirt fell from vertical grooves in the wall, just left of where they stood. A ten foot high, eight foot wide section of the rock face moved back several feet and then slowly slid into a pocket within the solid stone mountainside, revealing a dark passageway. The three leaned into the doorway to take a peek down the long and mysterious tunnel into the unknown.

“That’s so takei!” Arya voiced, her eyes glowing with wonder.

Nick looked over at her with his usual confused expression. “What the hell is takei?”

“Oh, sorry. It’s slang for…well, it kind of means….”

Karg interrupted, reading from the screen of his PDU. “Here it is. The forty-seventh edition of the Interstellar Dictionary defines takei as ‘practically perfect in every way.’ But you’d probably just say cool.”

“Cool.” Nick replied, nodding in agreement as he peered back into the depths of the black cavern. “I’ll take the rear,” he quickly spit out.

Arya raised her brow. “Now you want to be at the rear?”  Grinning, she continued scanning, but still couldn’t get any definitive readings. It was a most unusual rock formation. The crystalline matrix combined with its high metal content, scattered the scanning beam, making it hard to even tell where the passage led. She reached down, pulled out her pistol, and switched on its built-in light. “Lights,” she commanded.

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