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Well done sir!

Randy March 10, 2015 

Come on Donald! Get cracking! Read both books (very nice) and am now experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Really need that 3rd book, sir. To those who are still deciding if they should read the story. Go for it! Laughs, action, stories within stories, and some characters you can relate to. Well done, sir!

5 Star Review of The Awakening By Julian on Goodreads.


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Sep 30, 14

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Read in August, 2014
“I absolutely loved this story. I really like scifi stories that throw little old humans into the universe, only for them to realise they are not alone, and are also the equivalent of technology cavemen compared to the aliens they meet, except for one single technological advantage that they have recently stumbled upon that no other alien race has thought of yet. After running straight into a hornets nest, the main character needs to make an escape from a powerful enemy that wants his tech, with only his woeful little ship before he is captured, exploited and risks leading the enemy back to Earth.

For anyone who enjoyed this book, also see Evan C. Currie’s Odyssey One series which runs along a similar vein and is also a fantastic read.”

Thanks Julian!

Evolution 4 Star Review By Corrinthia

BookTwoNew3D3004.0 out of 5 stars Another great space adventure! September 19, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Evolution is book 2 in the Hyperscape series, and it’s another great, fun science fiction adventure story. It begins a few months after where book 1 leaves off, with Nick Bannon now Admiral of the fleet as they battle the bio-mechanical Mok’tu. Arya is now the recognized Asirian queen. At first I was worried she would be relegated to the side because of this, but Arya isn’t one to allow herself to become a inactive character. My favorite character, Karg, has a strong storyline in this book, and Sirok is in it as well.With the original ‘cast’ assembled, Swan leads readers on a wild, entertaining and action-packed ride as Nick struggles to bring an end to the Mok’tu, fulfill the roll of a prophecy he doesn’t believe in, keep the fleet together and keep Arya out of too much trouble. There’s a side-story with Karg and his past I loved learning about, though some of the exposition with Karg and Trol was a bit long. Added to this are a few unexpected twists as Hypserscape ventures into the realms of multi-verse sci-fi.

Suitable for science fiction adventure fans of all ages, there is a lot of action in this book – almost too much, and that’s where it lost a star with me. I felt the action and adventure overshadowed the story and character development at times. The “out of pot and into the fire” pacing, from one crazy action scene to the next, left me a little breathless at times and confused in others. A younger audience, or those who love high-adventure, will enjoy this aspect more than I did.

It was still a highly enjoyable read for me, and I am very much looking forward to book 3!

*Disclaimer – I received a copy from the author in request for honest feedback


5 Star Review by Charlie Thurman

THP3D1clr★★★★★ Fun

Two groups of bad aliens. Several groups of good aliens. A smart ass Earthman. What more do you need? Well written and fast paced. Really fun reading.

5 Star Review of The Hyperscape Project by Ragamuffin

THP3D1clr★★★★★ Spectacular

Story line was fast paced with a great flow. The author manages to tell a story in such a way that one feels they are living In the moment of the story. Swan knows when to throw in the surprises and shockers. You won’t see it coming I hate it when reviews give away the plot so I will end it there. A must read. For those who usually don’t choose science fiction books, this will change your mind.

4 Star Review of The Hyperscape Project by James P. Ruff, Jr.

THP3D1clr★★★★ Keep it up!

Ok, Mr. Donald Swan, I liked this enough to get the next one. I think this is a pretty good start to a series, if you don’t slow down the pace. Keep up the good work.

5 Star Review on The Hyperscape Project by Corrinthia

THP3D1clr★★★★★ 5 star sci-fi adventure – this book is FUN was provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

I haven’t read a true science fiction adventure story in a long time. The start of a new series, Book 1 : Awakenings does not disappoint. It has all the elements I desire in a good space adventure story – a reluctant hero fumbling his/her way through new alien space, interesting and unique aliens, exciting twists and turns, a good overall plot and a whole lot of fun.

When Nick, the main character, is introduced, two words immediately came to mind – Dennis Quaid. Nick has that same goofy humanism while at the same time being a smart scientist, just like most of the characters Dennis Quaid portrays in Sci-Fi movies (Enemy Mine, Day After Tomorrow, Innerspace, etc). It makes him lovable, easy to understand and easy to relate to. The way Nick reacts to things after being thrown through hyperspace and into far off spot in the galaxy is believable and pretty much the way I picture myself reacting.

The introduction of Nick to things like translation nanites, turbo-lifts, force-fields and alien species is both entertaining and educational without tossing a bunch of info-dumps at the reader. This book is not entirely info-dump free and could stand a touch from an editor for some paragraph breaking and content flow issues. These infractions were minor, however, and didn’t take away from the fun read.

This book is fun. There is an overall plot of Nick trying to find a way to fix his hyperspace module to get back home and deal with the two warring alien factions who have stolen incomplete schematics. Nick finds himself on ship full of aliens, who actually look like aliens, who are more refugees than rebels. The two warring factions, the Dragoran and the Mok’tu, have been ravaging other planets, but Nick’s hyperdrive technology changes the playing field.

Carrying this plot forward are mini side plots that feel like episodes from the original Star Trek mixed with the antics of Galaxy Quest. There are away missions (no red shirts), mysterious alien objects, a spy on board, alien-culture learning plots, and more running through the corridors than Into Darkness. Sometimes, these plots can meander a little bit and leave you wondering what happened to the main plot of the book, but it always finds its way back to Nick’s hyperdrive and the two warring factions.
Although there are a few stumbles, the book delivers on the important things when it comes to classic Space Adventure. It’s fun and entertaining. There is never a dull moment or long break between action and adventure scenes. Aliens who look and act like aliens instead of slightly modified humans. Exploration, character development, spies, technology, gun fights, space battles, and an Admiral that looks like a frog.

So, I am right on board the Hyperspace wagon, eagerly awaiting book 2, which means book 1 gets the OMGMOAR 5 star award from Tracing The Stars. This book is recommended for anyone with a sense of adventure, a sense of humor and a belief that humans are by far not the most or only intelligent life in the universe.