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siroksquareName: Sirok

Homeworld: Kymea (ki ME ah)

Gentic Traits

Species: Kymean (ki ME an)

Gender: Male

Eyes: Brown (all four)

Height: 2′ 6″

Currently serving aboard the Ashok as First Officer. Member of the Resistance for three years. Kymeans are an old race. Their squishy body is covered in a thick mucus that keeps them from drying out and serves as antibacterial protection. The specie’s only appendages are two small arms.



karg1Name: Karg

Homeworld: Rakozi

Genetic Traits

Species: Rakozian

Gender: Male

Eyes: Red

Height: 7′ 11″

Rescued from Rakozi during Mok’tu invasion. Member of the Resistance against the Dragoran and Mok’tu occupation. This four-armed hulk is currently serving aboard the Ashok.

Nick Bannon

BannonheadName: Nick Bannon

Homeworld: Earth

Genetic Traits

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6′


Scientist and member of the International Space Alliance (ISA). Lead researcher into hyperspace travel and communications. Accidentally arrived in Aris sector via hyperspace.


Arya Nuraku

Name: Arya Nuraku

Homeworld: Aris IV

Genetic Traits

Species: Arisian.

Gender: Female.

Eyes: Green.

Height: Average.

Skin Pattern: A-1.

Third Continent Ancestry.

Strong Frontal Lobe Development Expected.

No Apparent Genetic Defects.

Background information incomplete. Found in escape pod near moon of Arkanis minor. Now plays a key role in the Resistance movement that was organized to fight back against the Mok’tu and Dragorans.