5 Star Review of The Awakening By Julian on Goodreads.


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Sep 30, 14

bookshelves: 2014

Read in August, 2014
“I absolutely loved this story. I really like scifi stories that throw little old humans into the universe, only for them to realise they are not alone, and are also the equivalent of technology cavemen compared to the aliens they meet, except for one single technological advantage that they have recently stumbled upon that no other alien race has thought of yet. After running straight into a hornets nest, the main character needs to make an escape from a powerful enemy that wants his tech, with only his woeful little ship before he is captured, exploited and risks leading the enemy back to Earth.

For anyone who enjoyed this book, also see Evan C. Currie’s Odyssey One series which runs along a similar vein and is also a fantastic read.”

Thanks Julian!